Our Tools and Gadgets

Dan Patterson from ABC News was on this WEEK in TECH discussing how companies need to think about web development now and the future and I think he hit on a key point:

"Our tools and our gadgets and gizmos, they are all well and good. But really this is not about our tools and gadgets, it about determining the way media and information flows in the 21st century...This is the democratization of the dissemination of information and you need to understand not just how Twitter works, you need understand not just how Facebook works, but you need to understand things like trust and community."
TWiT 187: So Say We All (1:11:45 - 1:12:16)

I mentioned in a previous post about how the next generation of the web should be more than a simple platform and more than a toy to tinker with. It must work with users to not only for the development of thoughts and ideas and really it must go beyond the basic points of connection and trust and community. The web must become a place of social engagement in order for the Internet not to become another source of entertainment. The Internet is a hypertextual experience, it must also become either hypermediated or edge closer to a point of becoming a universal translator of global experiences

It is this spirit of experimentation that I am trying something new. I'm going to start publish my blog at squarespace. I'm in the process of moving some of the post on the new site and until that happens I'm going to post twice, once on the original site and the other time it will be on The reason being is that I hope have a standalone web address soon and I want to be ready to post on it as soon as it becomes available. Until it does, I'll just post twice.