My impression of the NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) Annual Conference (Part 1)

This is the first time that I've attend NAB/BEA, as oppose to the BEA (Broadcast Education Association) by itself. So, that means I'll been here in Las Vegas for ten days when I finally leave on Sunday. During my time here, I did manage to gather some really helpful hints. Most of them were posted on Twitter, however I figured that I could try to summarize and provide context to the conference.

1.) Broadcasters are storytellers with really cool tools and toys. It seems that the first couple of days that the sessions were focused on breaking down the key elements of the story and how the story should be framed in camera and enhanced with natural sounds and good B-roll. Broadcasters and other producers of content must also get their subject(s) to tell their stories so those stories are compelling to others.

2.) Everyone is dealing with the issues regarding new & social media. The majority of my third day at the conference dealt with strategies in the field of new & social media. Some where focusing social media as a way of finding new business leads. Some where focusing of repurposing old information to new media streams. I got to believe that these approaches will have problems. I'm still reminded of the lessons I'm learning from the "Clue Train Manifesto" (which is a great book). If we approach the audience as nothing more than revenue stream, your business will not survive. There must be a great effort in attempting to speak to an audience with a very human voice.

Well, that's a brief analysis of everything that I got out of NAB this year. However, there's no rest for me. Tomorrow starts BEA. So, good night everyone.