Cyber Dreaming (on Such a Winter's Day)

After being stuck inside my house for 3 days, I decided for new ways to connect myself with the outside world. I figured that there were pretty good odds that one of the people on these networks lived in a place that wasn't getting bombarded with an onslaught of snow. The first site/network that I logged into was the new revitalized site associated with Geeks Radio. Geeks Radio is a thematic Internet radio station designed to play "music for your inner geek." I love listening to Internet radio station associated with a playing to a specific genre. I remember the old CS Radio, which was ran by fans of Counter-Strike. There is also Radio KOL, connecting to the "Kingdom of Loathing." What makes Geeks Radio different from other Internet radio station is really the strong sense of community. There is an active social network associated with the station, fans connect through Internet Relay Chat (IRC) and there is a strong connection on microblogs to the radio's main website. Speaking of music, the other network I'm playing in is, which allows users to channel their inner DJ and tweet their songs over Twitter. It seems kind of cool to use music over Twitter to express feelings, thoughts and points in a much clearer way than could be expressed in 140 characters. I love the community aspects of the site, as you can see what your friends are listening to. That's all for now, I'm going to trying to stay warm.